About us

Meble Stylowe Roman Marczyk is a company with years-long experience in the furniture business.
We offer typical furniture, as well as those from individual comission. In our offer you can find modern furniture and stylish oak-veneered, alder-veneered furniture with additions made of oak, alder and birch wood.

Furniture is fully made from the oak veneer inside and on the outside. Oak veneer is good at rendering the color and look of the natural wood. Elements are being completed with the additions of solid wood. Characteristic bolded sides and completions of furniture guarantee the comfort and solidity.

Handles - aluminium in the old-gold color.

Drawers are made of veneer boards.

Furniture comes without the need of assembling - they are transported to the client in their full form.
Meble from this collection guarantee beautiful, romantic inside, they are delicate mixture of style and current trends.

We equip living rooms, bedrooms, offices and dressing rooms.
For ages we supply the shops from all around Poland.